Ice Stuff [Day 118]

ICE SPARKLED. PILLARS and ceilings of the glittering stuff. 

The funny thing about ice, like most nature phenomenon, was that it wasn’t precisely what it looked like. Color wise, anyway. 

Sun was yellow, the sea was blue, and ice was white. Mostly. But the sun was actually a single color; it was really white when you looked at it. Well, except when it wasn’t. It could burn golden at sunset or dawn. Same for the sea. It was more black or indigo in these parts, capped with white foam and azure eddies as it hit the surf. And ice was the same as the rest – a tableau of many colors. Rainbows lived inside its crystallized structure and escaped through panes of reflective glass or pretty turquoise.

Snorting in the frigid air, she decided she was sick of the stuff. 

Written: 1 Jan 2016

Words: 140

Inspiration: being at a loss of what to write, maybe the environment and the Hogfather, and also a possible character’s tone


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