Fairy Tale Friday: Snedronningen: et eventyr i syv historier

The Snow Queen: a fairy tale in seven stories

by H. C. Andersen

Syvende historie. Hvad der skete i snedronningens slot og hvad der siden skete

“Seventh Story: What Happened in the Snow Queen’s Castle and What Happened Since”

Ah, this story reminded me why I love this fairy tale as much as I do – the healing and strength of love, and the elevation of mature innocence and good-heartedness. I’m all for that plus:

  • Many feelings!
  • Love and joy beat rationality and reason for reaching/knowing eternity
  • Also religious undertones – eternity through Christ rather than reason
  • Did the SQ know? (If Kai could spell eternity he would be his own master and own the world and get a new pair of skates)
  • Gerda’s tears frees/thaws his heart, but Kai frees his own sight = achieves his own mastery
  • Joy, innocence, and child-like in maturity is closer to eternity than reason and logic
  • Many feelings!!
  • Reminded of a play I think saw, on small intimate stage

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