Day 127: Unlucky Inferno

THE SKY BURNED gold. Furious flecks of fire, rich as amber, skidded across the rocky horizon. Plumes of yellow flames scraped the sky; even the stars shivered in terror, their nearly eternal infernos terrified of this unnatural, uncontrollable blaze.

Lucinus sword under his breath. 

This had gotten out of hand. 

Literally, he thought, staring at the fiery sparks still dancing on his fingertips. 

Written: 11 Jan 2016


Lucinus (more specifically: thinking about characters leads me to think about a whole hoard of them. Like I literally sleep-thought about one of them. Not this one but from the same story)

Hopefully I’ll be back with these. I’ve actually been writing one day since the year started, so that’s nice


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