Day 130: Glacial Despair

Sadness and hopelessness etched grooves in her soul. Was it worth it?

Gazing up at the icy peaks, glistening like glass under the dark starlight, Azana wondered if pushing herself forward was worth it. Yes, she would theoretically be able to find her way home once she surmounted the celestial mountain. But was it worth it?

Azana’s gaze fell limply into her lap. The gloves that protected her hands were ripped. Tiny reddened scraps of skin showed through. She had valued her hands for as long as she could remember and their ability to let her draw her feelings. But what did that matter now?

Looking up into the glitter of gelid stars as large as apples, she wondered why giving up was so much easier.

Written: 15 Jan 2016

Words: 126

Inspired: feelings + Azana from Romance of Three Jewels


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