Day 134: Body Tears and Creaks

AN UNUSUAL PINCHING sensation squeezes her gut. Dainty pinpricks, as though it wishes to expel internal gunk, seethe and settle. Her stomach grumbles. The abdominal cavity muscles tighten. 

What is wrong with her? Why is her body falling apart? First her hip joint seems sore – although if she doesn’t think about it, she doesn’t really notice – and second her pinky got bruised. Maybe? It’s certainly stiff when she bends it, unless of course she forgets she’s supposed to hold it out constantly like she’s sipping tea. And now this?

Is it the lack of sleep? The scattered, skimpy meals? Going to bed tired when she’s hungry? What?

Grumbling, she listens to her stomach grumble back, accompanied by its familiar restrain of “feed me”.

Written: 19 Jan 2016

Words: 125

Inspiration: speculation (life) 

A/N: this is kind of an odd one to me


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