“I was moving at the speed of sound…and then I crashed into you…could’ve been the death of me, but then you breathed your breath in me…you will consume me, but I can’t walk away…”

Fragrant whispers billow in the air, ivory petals that kiss and freeze the nose…

His taste is a mere memory, oscillating like dark satin ribbons in her mind, chocolately and forbidden, tempting and sweet…

Memory of 12/11/12

Cool wisps of ice tumble from above, sparkling crystals; they cascade softly, wordless, mixed with blue and white shards of glass which seem to gleam in the dim sunlight.

Never Be the Same

“you’re the only voice my heart can recognize…I just can’t walk away, cause after loving you, I can never be the same…nothing compares to you…I’ll never be the same, not after loving you…”

Happiness gurgles up from her soul, the sweetness of living pooling in her throat until every word is filled with pure pleasure. And he –he—smiles back at her; his words resonate in her memory. He is happy, too. He is happy he is alive, that he was born – and what greater gift could she ask for after that?

Take Me Away

“take me away from time and season…take me away upon a plateau, far, far away from fear and shadow…temper our souls with flame and furnace…”

She stares at the blank paper in front of her, wondering. Just what does it mean to craft a story so that othersmay care? She already has the emotions she wants and the characters she knows, but how to give them, show them honestly, to others, without them feeling as they have been dropped into the middle of a mess? But really,honestly, what other kind of story does she have? What story – with any heart and potency in her corpus – isn’t a drop in a larger soup?

Fierce fragrant flames flicker furiously in the fulcrum of her feelings / courageous creativity crackles crisply on cardboard cutouts carefully composed in tale-chains

Sorrow sucks the marrow from her spirit. Shallow sensations sing sickly in her soul.

Written: 12 December 2012

Inspired: getting back into the flow of writing (excluding my more involved work right now)


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