Day 138: Mirror of the Moon

SUNLIGHT POURED OVER the icy fjord, ripples of glistening silver against the deep darkness of the night. The stars continued to shine on their own, just as the sun did in the daylight. But the soft ivory beams were only a reflection. 

Through the blackness of space, sunbeams came to the surface of the moon and from its eternal mirror bounced back to the earth. A slender and mysterious reflection, but still only a shadow of the sun. At least that’s what was taught in the grand schools of Ihenya.*

For her part, she questioned how secondary the moon truly was. For it contained not only the image of what it reflected, but another world as well, the mirror-world. It held twice as much as what was usually seen. So surely a reflection could be powerful…

*other options: Yevgenge, Zhenge

Written: 24 Jan 2016 

Words: 136

Inspired: science

A/N: I got a Lunar Chronicles vibe when I wrote this. It’s also reminisce of a short story I’m writing and the idea of a mirror-world (which reminds me that I want to re-read Through the Looking Glass). Plus, the whole mirror and winter tone gives me the stirrings of a Snow White idea.


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