Fairy Tale Friday: The Knight’s Sash

The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales

Franz Xaver von Schönwerth

pg 75-7

ATU 590 The Faithless Mother

(and I think) ATU 554 The Grateful Animals 

What’s interesting about some of the fairy tales in this collection is that occasionally they’re actually more reasonable in terms of how characters act and make decisions than the better known Grimm ones.

For one, when Hans (the main character) comes across a princess who’s been captured by giants, he makes a smoke signal so ships come to rescue her. And later, after his eyes have been poked out, the princess recognizes him as the man who saved her. Wow. That’s different from what usually transpires.

They marry, but wait! The citizens are jerks and decide they don’t want a blind king. So Hans and his wife wander in exile until his sight is restored, which comes from a healing spring. Which made me think: wouldn’t it be cool if Rapunzel’s tears created a spring?

So, boo on the final conflict being a disability that needs to be resolved. And the citizens are jerks. (Also it’s interesting that Hans never got the magic sash, which he got at the beginning, back.)


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