Day 143: Legends


Azana squirmed on the bench. Forcing a smile, she nodded at the wide-eyed child.

“That’s not exactly true. We – he – had to leave after we married. There wasn’t anything for us there anymore.”

“So you’ve seen monsters and battled stars!”

“Have I?” Azana chuckled. She did not know where the child had gotten her sources, but they differed from the journey she had experienced.

“Well, there were stars, but I didn’t fight them–”

“It’s true!” the child squealed. Squishing her fists into her cheeks, her round eyes grew even wider. “I’ll have to tell my friends. And my brother. He says stories like that are only in legends! You and I know better!”

“Things have changed since I was taken…”

But the child was no longer listening. Her gaze had drifted into dreams of what she would say, excitement glistening like sparkles on the surface of her eyes.

Written: 30 Jan 2016

Words: 161

Inspired: stories


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