Day 145: Moon Message

Endless dunes gleamed, a second sea under the moon. Sand stirred, tiny puffs of silvery white powder, as two little jerboa scurried through the desert. Other animals, from the snakes to the the lions that prowled on the edge, followed the jerboas’ example. Dust stirred like lacy foam on the moonlit sea of sand. 

In groups they arrived at the oasis. Sturdy date trees dozed above a lake. A round white eye, the dragon’s eye some called it, watched every animal from its center. It bobbed and rippled, a phantom of the moon. It was to this reflection that the animals had come. 

The lions lounged beside the lake, tawny fur streaked in moon-sugar, while a herd of antelope* nippled on a patch of grass at the other end. Moonlight brightened the spots on their coats. Hunger was forgotten tonight. The moon had summoned them together and they would obey her only edict. 

Danger stirred. The lions felt it in their whiskers, the antelope in their horns, the snakes on their tongues, and the tiny jerboas on the tips of their tales. The roots of the earth rumbled and groaned in great pain or illness. And so all had come to listen to the moon’s message. 

* maybe

Written: 1 February 2016

Inspired: old ideas

A/N: I can already see where and to edit this more concisely


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