FRAGRANT PLUM BLOSSOMS plunked in the garden’s river, frail snowy drops gliding over the rocks and plopping into the larger pond. Golden and silver carp nipped at the petals, thinking they were food.

Knees pressed together, the princess Buhua Zha-Meiriyah uncurled her right leg, dipping her toes into the lake. The warm water rippled against her bare skin, as soft as what she suspected kisses would feel like. Not that it was of much interest to her.

Having spent her entire life behind the walls of her father’s palace, unless specifically allowed out, she had very concern for romance of any sort. The endless scenes of cities and people and islands far beyond the Huasnim Isles1 were enough to make her body burn and heart ache with longing. What could romance offer that the world, in all its splendor, could not?

Word Count: 141

Written: 30 July 2012

Author’s Note: Names, character, and location are now obsolete. The initial focus of this character sketch was the princess Buhua Zha-Meiriyah, who was my third rendition of Badroulbadour. Just a quick attempt of getting into her character. Also, it’s located in the capitol of the Huasnim Isles

1 commonly called the Isles of Paradise


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