THE STENCH OF sour wine, broiled in the sunlight for days, had soaked the silk gowns of Princess Buyuei. Brought by one of her suitors – a peculiar fellow with coils of sandy-looking hair – it had been accidentally knocked over from its forgotten home on the windowsill.

Furious, the princess stamped her foot, shrieked, and threw the nearest vase halfway across the room. Delicate porcelain shards adorned the lush rug, miniature scimitars for unwary feet. Her servants fled in terror, wringing their hands as they withdrew from their princess’ chambers.

Written: 28 February 2013

Word Count: 90

A/N: This character (Min Buyuei) was an early attempt to revise a princess I had initially created in 2011, and who was originally heavily influenced by Disney Aladdin‘s cut song “Call Me A Princess”. In 2012-2013, I tried to infuse more of the original “Histoire d’Aladdin ou la Lampe merveilleuse” into the character by making her more Chinese-inspired. With that in mind, this stands as an interesting middle ground in her character development. (Additionally, the name given above is not her final name.)


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