Dream of a Perfect Daughter [Day 152]

Snow glittered over the flowers. Creamy buds, tips blushing champagne yellow, peeked out of the frail white ground cover. Cardinals chirped, dancing from branch to branch in a furry looking pine like flashes of blood. 

Smiling, Jagana mindlessly stitched a sunburst pattern onto the king’s nightshirt. She hummed happily. 

If only I could have a child as bright as blood, as sharp as snow, and as robust as winter flowers. She would be my greatest pride.

Turning back to her work, Jagana felt a prick on her finger. A dark drop of blood dripped onto the starch white collar of the king’s shirt. She gazed down at it, struck by its deep color.

And a daughter as dark as life itself. Yes, that would be best.

Written: 12 Feb 2016

Words: 126 

Inspired: “Snow White” and snowbells


Jagana “strawberry death” ← Jagoda + Morana (Slavic)


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