The Leaf [Day 158]

LEAVES OF GOLD rustle, rising like yellow skeletons blown along an abandoned road. Scurrying critters – squirrel, hare, and muskrat – sniff or snap at the lost twirling remnants, before vanishing back into the forest. One dainty leaf escapes. Spiraling in the wind, it lands with a gentle plink on a bed of water. Ripples circle it’s brown crinkled edges, and the leaf sighs peacefully. No one will bother it here.

Written: 24 Feb 2016

Words: 69 

Inspired: Over the Garden Wall + a little H. C. Andersen near the end

A/N: there’s a lot of “-ing” verbs. I remember I started using them a lot when I was taking Ancient Greek in college. (Participles, yeah!)



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