CRISP SHADOWS WERE a welcome change from the sultry, fragrant air. The royal garden was now in bloom. Gardenias, jasmines, orchids, and roses exposed their frilly pistils for the pleasure of wandering bees and butterflies like alluring courtesans.

Wrinkling her nose, Buyuei pressed her back against the cold stone wall behind her; above, the rippling palms of a date tree sheltered the princess from the sun. After all, what did she want to do with such a spectacle?

Whatever indecent whims the flowers, now imbibed with the rich summer rains, endorsed was far from her concern. And if that – that – that boy wanted to squander his time and taste on whatever pretty thing batted her eyes at him, then he was surely not the one for her.

Scowling, Buyuei ripped the petals off a rose she had plucked, nails shredding the delicate ivory veils that fluttered around its pistils.

Written: 28 February 2013

Word Count: 145

A/NThis character (Min Buyuei) was an early attempt to revise a princess I had initially created in 2011, and who was originally heavily influenced by Disney Aladdin‘s cut song “Call Me A Princess”. In 2012-2013, I tried to infuse more of the original “Histoire d’Aladdin ou la Lampe merveilleuse” into the character by making her more Chinese-inspired. With that in mind, this stands as an interesting middle ground in her character development. (Additionally, the name given above is not her final name.)


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