Concert On The Water [Day 160]

THROATY CROAKS RISE over the river, mingled among reeds and under the moist mud beneath the fire-adorned birches lining the shore. The harmonious frog choir attracts a family of fat muskrats and a lost fawn. A shy shunk also listens from behind the largest birch. Its striped bark is a perfect camouflage. Shifting her weight, she digs her dainty claws through the mud; being farther from the water, it blows tiny black plumes onto her muzzle, darkening her face. As far as she’s concerned, it’s better camouflage this way. Still… A tiny part wonders if she should try and say hello…

Written: 27 Feb 2016

Words: 101 

Inspired: music from Over the Garden Wall + ?

A/N: I’m not sure if birch actually grow near water but I wanted to keep the imagery. If they don’t, imagine they’re special water-birches.



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