The Dragonfly and the Lake [Day 161] 

HIDDEN BEHIND PLUMES of red and gold, which is the wood’s fire when the sun sinks low on the horizon, lies a clear oblong lake. It’s glass-like surface reflects the sky and trees that surround it at every season. Now, bold flames sleep on the water, encircling a cloudless azure eye. Perhaps tempted by its unblinking stare, a dragonfly dips down to investigate. 

The lake chimes when her tiny wings stir ripples on the untouched mirror. Spreading out, the sound deepens into a earthy gong. Startled, the dragonfly flees the scene. She does not know what she has done or what she may have awakened, but she is not going to stay and find out. Her iridescent wings speed past the barrier of fire, a flash of color that the eyes within the lake cannot miss. 

Written: 28 February 2016

Words: 136

A/N: I feel like there’s more of a story to this one, so I’m a little nervous about posting it. But even if there is, I haven’t posted that and if I ever do want to publish anything with this little section, it will be revised from what I have here. Or nothing may come of it. Either way, I think it’s okay. 



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