Hunger [Day 123]

PAIN. THAT WAS the most prominent feeling. Sharp, piercing pain squeezed her stomach and abdomen, empty internal tissue rumbling together. Groaning, creaking, and worse of all, stinging. 

One eye burned gently.

That at least was a welcome distraction.

Hugging her midsection, she stumbled toward the abandoned cart. No one else stirred in the dust streets. Icy towers surged from the hard cobblestone streets, narrow houses with crisp windows watching every move she made.

Her stomach gurgled. Staggering, she swiped the first item her hand fell on: a round ridiculous red apple. It was exactly what she needed.

Written: 7 Jan 2016

Words: 97 

Inspired: morning + hungry

A/N: scheduled for 9:05 am



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