A SHARP, STRIKING gust of wind made the princess gasp; it pummeled her face and rudely kissed her lips. Sinuous serpents of air sped past her on invisible wings as the carpet soared higher and higher, buckling and bouncing like a wild stallion.

The princess Buyuei felt her heart trumpeting giddily inside her chest. Like the crash of thunder, the crack of a horsewhip, and the crisp tenor of a war-horn, exhilarated delight coursed through her; her blood was on fire, dazzling as the noon-day sun. She gave a wild shriek of delight, clinging to the fine weave of the carpet as clouds nibbled on her ears.

Written: 28 February 2013

Word Count: 108

A/N: This character (Min Buyuei) was an early attempt to revise a princess I initially created in 2011, and who was originally heavily influenced by Disney Aladdin‘s cut song “Call Me A Princess”. In 2012-2013, I tried to infuse more of the original “Histoire d’Aladdin ou la Lampe merveilleuse” into the character by making her more Chinese-inspired. And while the name given above is not her final one, there is possible, viable characterization here.


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