Virulent Roses [Day 125]

THE SCENT OF roses filled the air. Sweet and dainty as feathery clouds, the fragrance tingled her senses, making her pause. She breathed it in, tasting a peculiar flavor on her tongues. If flowers could have taste, she would have been the soul of roses. Closing her eyes, she let the sweetness seep down into her consciousness, unmindful of the thorns growing around her. A frantic wind blew, gently rustling her hair and cheek; wake up, wake up, it seemed to sing. 

Written: 9 Jan 2016

Words: 82 

Inspired: a song and I’m not even sure

A/N: This was supposed to post at 8:30 am EST but WordPress has been acting up. Also, I have been doing these (pretty) regularly, only not every day is publishable often because of its potential in a larger story so I would rather err occasionally on not publishing them here. But I have a lot plugged away from the past. Thanks.



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