Dawn Sleep [Day 169]

DAWN GLOWED ON the horizon. The tiny bat thought it looked like a tasty, fuzzy pink moth and wondered if the night was a great bat who ate it just before the sun rose and banished her away. Clinging to the slender stalagmite just at the interior of the cave, the bat shivered, excitement tingling through her brown fur. Her ear swiveled to catch the surging sounds of the morning over her yawn. It would be a good story to chirp before she went to bed.

 Written: 7 March 2016

Words: 86

Inspired: weather

A/N: If you want really good bat perspective books read Kenneth Oppel’s Silverwing Book Series. Also this was a hassle to post. I wanted an early start on the day but then posting this took ten+ minutes because it vanished from my scheduled posts and I had to redo parts of the formatting and re-paste the actual text.



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