Star Gazing

THE NIGHT WAS filled with stars. Like crushed pearls, they glittered above the hundreds of ivory minarets, where silver and gold lanterns dazzled the alleys and archways like sleeping fireflies of precious metal.

Sighing, a young woman, hugged her knees to her breasts. Though – luckily, as far as she was concerned – they had not grown as plump as was extolled in the old sagas – they were perky enough to get in her way when she crossed her arms.

She glanced up at the stars, a fearful feeling washing over her. It was hot and vibrant, leaving her armpits damp.

In truth, despite her fear that her life was slowly winding away from her, beyond her control, where every step she took would become consumed by society’s control, all she truly wanted was to love someone. She wasn’t sure who or what it was. In her youth, she had delved into ancient things, antiques and old stories, hoping they would give her guidance. They had pervaded her mind, filling it with endless ideas, but it had led her nowhere.

She had, once, thought, there might be someone who she was made to love, but he had vanished, as effortlessly as the departing sun. So now she was back looking and dreaming at the stars. It seemed it was all she had.

Written: 17 June 2012

Word Count: 220

Inspired: romance, love, and a strange impulse


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