Legend of a Radiant Golden Love [Day 174]

ONCE UPON A time, a man and woman fell in love. It was a long process, but once it ignited, it blazed up like a resplendent golden glow. It permeated the fabric of reality, radiant and breathless happiness forming a nearly physical bond between them that the world could witness. Because of it, they – and their love – became part of the world’s story. A great change shook the seas that was their home and the man was at the heart of it. And she, though smaller in the grand shaking and shifts of their world, had played a role to help the man. Such a tiny story added brushwood to the blaze of their love; they were together and she had helped him against the enemy.

For as you should know, no great story, greatly loved by the populous, is without its villain. And here they had one – deceitful, ambitious, insouciant. The story went he had tried to tempt the woman to his side. She refused, of course, in favor of declaring support for the man she would fall in love with. But as with most stories, it was not as simple as that.

This villain shared traits with the man she would love – both had a will that could change and shake the world, a will strong as a furnace that could remake the world and imprint a design of their choosing. They were the same and yet nothing alike. The woman, so the story went, was a balance between them, and it became her choice – denying the villain’s request – that allowed the better world created by the man to flourish into being. The true story did not hinge so heavily on her choice, but the world believed it had, so their love was the greater for it.

Ah, I forgot, listener. There is one more trait the villain possessed that imprinted its mark onto the story – he was a master of darkness. Not the comforting darkness of the night, or the mysterious darkness of shadows, or the cleansing darkness of the mind. No, it was the dense dark of space, the teeth of gravity that would swallow you alive. It had weight and its danger lay not in its color, but in its terrifying power to crush, condense, and counter any creature, object, or action. Like the deep caverns under our world, where the weight of the seas press down on ancient tunnels and ruins beneath the waves, in vast caves and lifeless mires, so this villain’s power became the threat of the world. And so the man was the greater for defeating him, and the woman for playing her part in that defeat.

But the story could not forget that she had refused the villain for the man’s sake. Thus it became a tale of a golden, radiant love that – through a single woman’s choice and man, who was the match and antithesis to the villain, and his indomitable will – defeated a terrible darkness and remade the world.

With most grand and legendary stories, there was, of course, more – other people, other motivations, other desires – that fueled their choices and the world’s change. But that is another thousand stories.

Written: 12 March 2016

Words: 543

Inspired: addressing an old plot idea

A/N: posting this because there’s no way this is final. The idea is, but not necessarily the words.


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