Incandescent Goals [Day 175]

TIME WHISTLED BY. Important deeds and projects floated along, dim colorful shades against the gray tunnel of her mind. They bounced off the dull walls. Some were less colorful than others, while some had a faint shimmer as if an incandescent fire burned inside, waiting to erupt. 

What made her frown was how their brightness did not seem to match the value she felt for them. A project she had been wanting to work on since the beginning of the year still lay in its early stages, but the quick everyday updating and menial actions (though even those could go out entirely if she didn’t schedule her time sternly) blinked like beacons. 

Frown deepening, she was glad some of the important ones flickered brightly… The bigger trouble was that she felt there were too many: constant actions and deeds and projects she wanted to spend most days progressing forward on and often she was lucky to hit the most basic.

What to do, what to do?

Written: 14 March 2016

Words: 166

Inspired: life


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