Cold Spring Laughter [Day 180]

SNOW FELL DAINTILY over the lawn and the still forlorn forest behind the witch’s cottage. Leaves had yet to burst from the gray spotted limbs now that the stars and seasons had turned toward spring. 

But the daughter’s whose birth bordered the threshold of winter and spring was not yet ready to release the new growth of flowers and leaves that was her prerogative. Her fine, tinkling laughter could be heard in the spiraling ivory flakes: crisp but delicate, tempting to see but deadly to touch unprepared. She was enjoying the full majesty of her unpredictable nature today, the second day of spring.  

The witch cackled as she leaned on her cane and gazed out her window. A gray-white haze hung over the world, flecks of icy cold covering the edge of the forest. Perhaps, thought the witch, sipping honey tea, she has done it for her sister. 

Written: 21 March 2016

Words: 148 

Inspired: weather + Chthonic flowers + spring equinox


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