Perfect Place [Day 183]

WIND HUMMED OUTSIDE, interposed with the constant bell-like chime of rain. 

Azana yawned from her huddle of blankets and pillows. Recently washed, they were fluffy and firm, creating a nest around her and her still sleeping husband. Smiling, she gazed out the only window in their bedroom; a wide round pane of glass that offered a view of the tiny city they had finally found where they could both be comfortable. 

Near the sea so that its river swept through the city’s center, a glistening vein of silver-blue between rose-brick houses. Bright bouquets of yellow flowers perched prettily on most of the windowsills. But it was near the mountains, too, the rumpled foothills wrapping the city in a cozy shelter, the same way the blankets did for her and Alion.

Smile softening, she flipped his bangs out of his eyes, kissed his forehead, and then snuggled down next to him. For the first time in a long time, they had nowhere important to go today. All they needed were each other.

Written: 25 March 2016

Words: 171 wds

Inspired: weather + the familiarity of them / Romance of Three Jewels



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