Day 179

WIND RUSTLED HER hair, sending her blue scarf flapping behind her. She leaned against the cold red brick of the clock tower. Her eyes gazed up toward the setting sun. The glorious blazing orange orb illuminated the city – her city, the only one she had ever known – into a wondrous tableau of ancient buildings and sparkling Christmas lights. Every old nook gleamed, polished in sun-fire, while the colorful twinkle of the approaching holiday adorned windows and roofs in blinking gems.

She sighed; the mighty tendrils of wind tucked at her coat, stinging her eyes. Exhaustion seeped into her limbs, but as tired and scared as she was, a sense of peace – a sad, melancholy sort – nestled within her forlorn feelings. For while a part of her mourned for what she would lose, another part, though threaded with fear, was determined to face the future. Her future.

It would be time to return soon, to the home she belonged to. No matter how terrifying, she had to trust her feelings. She had to trust what she knew was true. 

Written: 19 March 2016

Words: 182

Inspired: picture from a fanfic 


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