Clogged Time

Day 126


She had overslept (well, not exactly, since she had actually been losing sleep for months, so she was usually exhausted when she wasn’t sleeping at night, even as she was distracted trying to stop what she was going to do in exchange for what she wanted and needed to do…) 


Shaking her head, she stared at the blank sheet in front of her. She had to finish this report. Then she could head out to the city, maybe buy a present for… She smiled slightly. 

That would be nice. It would be nice to actually get what she wanted done in a timely manner, not these, these, these time-eating distractions! 

When had she ever cared about etymologies or family lineages or legendary swords? It had never been her business to care. She was just a soldier. Admittedly, an ex-soldier, but still, she was no one particular.

Written: 10 Jan 2016

Words: 150

Inspired: life + the date



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