THE TREES GLEAM with moisture; white pearls cling to the lush ferns and ripe red, yellow, and purple petals that adorn the jungle vines. Lotuses, orchids, and jasmines coat the river that runs past; its banks are pale gold, as if the gleam of the moon mixed with the brightness of the sun. Bees hum noisily in the wet air. They dance from flower to flower, as if priceless treasures lay within their depths.

She crouches beside one of the younger trees; its green roots and lower branches are festooned with glass beads, each stunning her eyes with miniature rainbows as the afternoon sunlight breaks through the forests’ canopy.

One large leaf captures water in its center like a mirror. Its still surface is disrupted every few moments by another large crystal droplet, letting the image ripple as if the wind is blowing the trees overhead into a blur.

Word Count: 149

Written: 4 Sept 2011

Inspired: reading about Southern India, Polynesia, and Southeast Asia

A/NThere’s really nothing to this, except wanting to write a scene; there’s no plot, no characters, just a scene.


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