Time’s Choice

Day 196

TIME EBBED LIKE water. Great founts blew wildly in glittering, spinning eddies. Like star-struck sand, emerald and sapphire and citrine flashed from within the clear streams of time, spun by invisible spools. Ghostly shapes, like a filtered shadow play, danced and writhed in each eddy.

He stepped out from time’s center. 

Sorrow, sadness, grief. His friend dead, murdered. Unquenchable sorrow.

Gasping, he staggered backwards. He swallowed and gazed wide-eyed about him. “There are a thousand stories here, thousands of possibilities, futures…”

He braced himself and reached out for another glittering eddy…

Written: 14 April 2016

Words: 91

Inspired: realizing I’m not set on the original ending of my Dreams



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