Tears of Regret

“right now I’d give anything if I had only known, 
I would never touch you, hold you, kiss your face, feel your arms around me…
love will break your heart when you say goodbye
but love is worth the pain and all the tears you cry”

– What We Believe In

Sharp, pinching nails dug into her chest, as if fiery fingers could sear her heart apart so that only cinders would remain.

“I can’t live without you,” she sobbed, indigo ripples of frothy hair brushing against his bloodied chest. The gaping hole was still steaming, charred skin adorned with flecks of fried innards.

From his position on the ground, he smiled at her. The earth around him was black from the spear of fire that had struck him; nearby the long golden-green grass swayed like a peridot ocean.

Tears shimmered on the edge of his caramel red eyes as he swallowed, throat constricting. “Y’have to. I—”he coughed once, “can’t live like this.”

“But…” Her sorrow spilled from inside, a monstrous water-jug pierced by a single spindle. It gushed from her amaranth eyes, droplets cascading down her cheeks as her nose began to drip. “I can’t…”

His smile softened. The earlier grimace of pain and the quivering frown of sadness had dwindled; all he had left was a smile.

“Shur y’can. I know y’can. Y’can do the impossible.”

“Then let me save you,” she pleaded.

He flinched, golden tattoos tightening along his cheeks. “What…how’d…” But his voice was fading, faltering with the same determination as his breath…

Word Count: 207

Written: 1 August 2012

A/N: potentially part of a larger piece; I will see


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