Send Me A…

Day 200

Her heart called out for someone. It had been for so long. She wanted – needed – someone who could guide her. Give her a direction, a sense of where she was meant to go. She was lost amid a fog, a ship foundering at sea. If only a lighthouse could come show her the way.

You must find your own way… whispered a voice.

“I know!” she cried back, “but I need to know… How can I find my way if I’m lost? What path do I take? How do I get to where I need to be? How do I know where I need to be? What’s wrong with asking for guidance when your soul is lost? How does that make me weak?”

The voice, at least right now, had no answer.

Written: 19 April 2016

Words: 133

Inspired: a song + kinda my life years ago + confronting certain ideological concepts 


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