Sewing the Sky

Day 202

THE SUN GLOWED like an ignited pearl on a wrinkle-free blue satin blouse. Azana smiled up at the sky, setting down her needle work. The Committee was expecting something special for the spring festival and after last year’s impressive performance she didn’t want to disappoint. But what could she create that would be better than a dress that glittered like the stars?

Smile creaking into a smirk, Azana nodded at the sky. It’s wondrous colors – blue and white and gold and dashes of purple and pink – were her inspiration this year. Hopefully she would not be too distracted today and would be able to complete it. 

Written: 25 April 2016

Words: 108 

Inspired: Romance of Three Jewels + “All-Fur” and “Donkey-skin” + a little bit of life 

A/N: I’m getting out of practice with these. I will try to get back into the habit. 



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