Summer Fury

Day 204

AZANA GROANED. SHE rubbed furiously at her eyes. The familiar tight, choking, phlegmy sensation in her throat was there. For once the sunny glare of summer aggravated her. 

She threw a pillow against the window curtain. The blue gauze billowed, unleashing a burning white brilliance into her face. The rest of the house was silent; even the usual hum of Jerom’s early market was missing. The holiday was in earnest now and all she could think of was the coarse sludge of briars seeping through her chest that made Azana want to kick everything. 

Written: 27 April 2016

Words: 94 

Inspired: Romance of Three Jewels + life (kind of)

A/N: I’d like to expand on this. It’s fun to write characters with different emotions they don’t usually experience.



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