Gate of the Gods

THE STURDY GATES, crafted entirely out of Wood, stood emblazoned by moonlight before Rismene. Metallic stakes were drilled into the Tree’s cut, smoothed, and carved branches. Fine pictures spiraled all across the upper arches; they were strained blue, as if to depict a brighter, moonless sky above and stood over each side of the gate.

It was breathless, impressive sight. Rismene had to admire that. Still…

Marching up to the el-rivka’s1 gate, she banged loudly on the wood.

“Come out. I’ve come to claim my heirtage! My father was one of you! You cannot lock me out! Let me in!”

1 gods’

Written: 1 August 2014

Word count:  100

A/N: my earliest attempt at trying to figure out what the gods’ home looked like; also this is my first time writing Rismene


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