Fairy Tale Friday: The Ugly Duckling (Silly Symphony)

So last week I wondered if Disney had ever attempted “The Ugly Duckling.” Imagine my not-surprise when I found one.


Let’s start. Pardon the grainy pictures; it was not the highest quality.

Screenshot (10)

OMG, is that an infidelity joke! Is the father duck upset because the ugly duckling doesn’t look like him? Well, kudos to the mother duck for whacking him in the bill for that.

Ouch. The mother duck really doesn’t want him around. I do like how it uses sound to distinguish him from his siblings: honk vs quack. That’s so cruel. The mother and siblings totally tell him off. And now he’s going to conceptualize himself as ugly against their standards. đŸ˜¢


It’s adorable that the baby wrens or whatever love him, but also really sad that he’s so desperate to belong that he’s actually going even more far afield in terms of species.


At least I can understand WHY the mother wren rove him away: he was taking food from her babies.

That is REALLY sad. He finally feels loved with a TOY DUCK! (6:00) And even that doesn’t last (6:30), though I’m not sure he knows why.

Well, that was a nice alternate ending. He’s adopted by a family of swans immediately and doesn’t have to grow up thinking he’s terrible. Here’s there a stronger emphasis on finding family than finding where you belong or who you are against discrimination or ridicule.


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