Fairy Tale Friday: The Ugly Duckling (Modern Classics)

The Ugly Duckling – Modern Classics of Hans Christian Andersen 
Quick thoughts: Andersen in carriage reading to children is a nice visual and thematic idea although I’m not sure he ever actually did that (did he?), humor at beginning is weird (“that’s what human do!”), at first I thought the ducklings were going to be jerks but they actually appreciated their brother, narrative set up for guns, better reasons for going away: namely his family aren’t jerks and instead he leaves out of sadness (at misunderstand in his mother’s meaning), no marsh, no children or house in winter, LOVED the ending where he went back and reconnected with his mother, resolved all the misunderstandings and gave a strong feeling of vindication for all the discrimination he experienced, more characterization (he defends mother, she defends him, his siblings miss him), more family positive, I liked the flow of the narrative


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