Dreary Doleful Woods

Day 336: 1 Oct 2016

139 words, weather + first day of October

Golden brown leaves shook grimly in the gloom. Dreary dampness clung to the gnarled roots, rain having been chased away. Only the residue remained: cold, gray, and invasive, a shroud of silver and silence. Even the forest sensed it, for its leaves either hung like sleepy bats, curled up underneath branches, or quivered like stern scarecrows, necks stiff and unyieldingly as they patrolled the gray canopy for birds of ill-omen and mischief. The whole place hung wearily on the soul of anyone unfortunate to be lost out in it this morning. Or at least that’s how it felt to him. Though most places, when you thought of them, were cheerless; this one was just more honest than the rest. He could respect that at least. Hefting his staff, a hoary knotted oak, he resumed his traipse through the woods. 

A/N: hey look, I’m doing these again! (For a little while) Will have a more detailed update on Monday.



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