Fairy Tale Friday: Whose the story really about?

Hey, remember when I did these?

Currently, I’m not expecting to start doing these regularly again right now. My schedule seems to be “if I get it done or get an idea” I’ll do it. But as to an actual reliable schedule…eh… My consistency seems to be seasonal — and by that I mean, I’m more a cyclical present than a continuous one. Anyway…

I re-read Snow White recently (a friend who read Winter with me had never read the Grimm’s version and whilst discussing the plot of my current story revision it came up). And I got to thinking that the Queen might be the protagonist of the story.

She’s the one with the problem: Snow White, and she concocts the means to deal with the girl. But it all ends in naught and she’s punished.

Of course, the Queen is also Snow White’s problem, but Snow White isn’t really introduced until she’s already established as the Queen’s problem. Once the Queen makes a decision on how to act (the inciting action) then Snow White gets to speak and be in the story. Just a little detail I noticed.

(originally written in June 2016)


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