A Gathering of Gargoyles

(Read in FEBRUARY) Nice transition from the first book into the second.

I’m struck with how the diversity of cultures may have been lost on me when I first read it. Also, that it may have been one of the first cultural diverse books I read (along with its alien skin and hair coloring).

Why does Aeriel love Irrylath so much? Why is she so invested in connecting romantically with him? I can understand wanting to help and heal him, since her compassion in book one led her to return him to his human state, but why is she so adamant that she wants his romantic love?

She travels across various lands so we get to see different environments and cultures. Also, each land had a different situation with the darkangels.

Erin is introduced mid through the book.

The plot is tightly compacted. Aeriel is compelled to leave because of the rime; the fruit she eats when she gets to shore  nourishes her, which she later gives to the gargoyles as she goes to the sibyl who she hopes can explain the rime to her (since she’s without Talb’s advice); and the seeds plus the fire kindled at the sibyl’s place free the lons from their imprisonment in the bodies of gargoyles.

On that note, the book follows the first by having a surprise ending, although one I remembered: the gargoyles were in fact the lost lons she was looking for.

Irrylath rescues her from the Feasting Stone. He is exceptionally desperate about her. What are his feelings for her? I’ll address that mire in the next book.

Overall, I liked the tight plot, the diverse locations, and the set up toward the revealing of the lons.


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