Wow, characters sure change


my earliest description of said character

5’7” – Feb 23, 295 [Pisces] – lazy loafer, indifferent to work or effort, good-natured, “the scam-guy”, good with words/lying to influence situations & people, vagabond-atmosphere, sincerely loyal to his friends, sentimental, likes fresh bread, inwardly poetic, adventurous, carefree, devoted, dedicated, polite, the most likely to take time to read or study historical scrolls, “the ordinarily heroic one”



Physical: freckles, dusky flyaway hair, wiry to lean muscular, dark brown eyes, light brown skin, prefers not to wear shirts post-surgery, 5’6”

Identity: queer platonic heterosexual trans man*, passionate friendship, poor, no schooling

Personality: clever, idealistic, fatalistically optimistic, easily hopeful but easily crushed, doesn’t think well of himself but smiles easily, wants to make up his mistakes to his mother

*is that even a plausible identity?


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