Donations for the Holiday

With the holidays having begun and with the state of world, it seemed like a good time to offer a gift of support to places and people that will offer protection and support of their own. (Or you could do something more directly if you like.)

Many people have already done fundraisers and charity drives (I’ve been the most aware of this with artists), and this is nothing of that caliber. I only thought, since the time of year has always been about giving, and many people (and the world and society) need as much giving/kindness/support as they can, I would add this little message:

Things seem very bleak, and I’ll admit that I’m not a very active participant in the world (sometimes I forget basic survival care, like eating and sleeping). But I’ve usually, despite my occasional views on myself or my writing, been a hopeful person. Hope, of course, isn’t going to change anything on its own.

But you can. I can. By just doing one little thing. By staying aware. By not forgetting that the times have gotten dangerous and that these issues have not just popped out of the ground; they have been around for awhile. We need to stay awake and do what we can, when we can.

Even if you can’t give hoards of money, spreading the word or donating a dollar when you can or having a monthly donation as part of your budget, if possible, is doing something.

Here a few suggestions:

*if anyone knows of better organizations, please let me know; I will edit them.


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