The High King

The Chronicles of Prydain

by Lloyd Alexander

“quote that stands out, represents the book or chapter in my sense of it” (Author, pg).

I had many feelings.

Some of the characters’ response to Elionwy (esp. Dallben)

Rhun’s death, I knew it was coming

Coll’s death

Fflewddur’s harp, artist, sacrifice, friendship, beauty

gwyaiath that Taran saved in The Book of Three


what does it mean to be a king (or any ruler)

why does Elionwy have to give up her enchantments? or rather, why is her wish to remain with her future romantic male partner the driving motivator for her decision, while for Taran it’s his promises to those who have died? He chooses to stay because of duty and sense of responsibility; Elionwy chooses to stay because she’ll be with her man.

Also – Dallben’s quote “all girls…Taran like all men will be puzzled by women’s innate mystery magic” is sexist, heternormative, and cissest.

similarities to The Lord of the Rings — everyone is departing by sea, all magic is vanishing, they’re going to a wonderful enchanted land where no one dies (also, boo that Flewddur has no choice), the Fair Folk are closing their gates

contrast to the myth of the Isles of the Blessed

other myth comparisons – Hen Wen with pigs in Branch Four, Gwydion’s nature, Arawn’s role, Pyderi’s personality

Fate, destiny, choices, weaving your own life



source edited for better definitions

  • wordpt.of speech. 1. definition


“TEXT” (pg).

Works Cited:

Alexander, Lloyd. The High King. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1968. Print.



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