Love & Romance

Day 14: Feb 14

Birds flit about, cats purr, and frogs sing throaty arias across the marsh. But what is the point of it all? Oh, it is charming and uplifting for those who want such a life, one of romance and intimacy. It is alright for them. But not everyone wants such things. But then… Its source comes from love. And everyone deserves that. Love for family. Love for those who have passed on. Love for doing good. Love for friends. Love for others. Love for animals. Love for one’s passion. Love for self. Valuable glittering gems that deserve their own kindness and care. For what is romance but relishing in a little good will and kindness toward others or yourself?


I have renewed these in lieu of the Refugee Ban in the USA. Inspired by the-cassandra-project and their Every Day Challenge, I am writing every day to raise money for the Urban Justice Center. You can donate here or please spread the word. Thank you.


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