Beyond Hope, Hopeful Stars

written: 12/27/16

The cold endless void of space unfurled before her eyes. Beyond the reinforced glass, the darkest velvet stretched to the farthest reaches, bright glittering diamonds sprinkled across it like seeds of fire. Tiny specks, unimaginatively so, which continued to burn even when there seemed no reason or no hope that enduring would do any good. And yet there they were, flickering and stoppable. And who knew what life and wonders and new unexplored discoveries lay around those burning fires, those distant stars? There was still the potential that the world was not as small and desperate as it seemed. And even if there was nothing beyond, the stars still shone, bright and bold and unrelenting. They sparkled, frail perhaps, but full of hope.

[124 words]

A/N: I meant to post this closer to Carrie Fisher’s death, as a remembrance/tribute. But, me being me, it took me two months to get to doing it. But it’s here, and I think that counts for something.


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