Choices on the Road

Day 36: March 9 (written)

“How will you get to where you’re going?”

The words’ echo shivers down her spine. Her voice hitches up; she cannot answer for she does not know. Life unfurls before her, a road with too many turns to see beyond, and though she may know the destination she wishes to take, the twists and choices she needs to make evade her.  Which step to take? Which choice to pick? Which way to turn?

Her heart sinks a little deeper into her chest, sending a shiver over her shoulders.

Worse, what if she cannot choose because there is more than one choice she wishes to make? What if she wants to chase the scent of blooming honeysuckle – airy, dainty, sweet – and the scent of deep water – moist, musky, earthy – at the same time? What if she wants to do many things at once? How does she choose what turn to take, if she has more than one goal?



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