The Lunar Chronicles

by Marissa Meyer

I started reading this and then stopped because I wasn’t compelled by Wolf as representation of the wolf from “Little Red Riding Hood.” This was mostly because he felt like a cliché: dangerous but still alluring. Plus, his status as part of a group with outdated wolf terminology turned me out of the story. (e.g. alpha, beta, etc.)

But once Wolf and Scarlet finally started on their way to Paris…the story picked up.

Spoilers below

Compared to Cinder, this one had the best tension so far.

I ended up actually really feeling for Scarlet’s plight with her grandmother. On that note, I forgot that the wolf eats her grandmother in the original fairy tale. Ha Ha. Yuck.

I also (surprisingly) ended up liking Wolf’s backstory. He’s not just a fighter, he’s a bioengineered Lunar soldier spliced with a wolf. Whoa. Unique. Also intense. So I liked how Meyer combined him being a wolf with him also being man. Kudos.

Finally, as much as I cringe at the use of alpha and omega (ugh), I have to say I ended up really adoring Wolf and Scarlet as a couple. Like they’re cute and very reliant on each other (Wolf to Scarlet) with a strong sense of trust (Scarlet to Wolf). It’s just… I ended up feeling it. In retrospect, I didn’t except to love them as much as a couple as I did by the time I finished the series.

So a lot of my critiques at the start ended up falling by the wayside, a little, when I forced myself to finish.

(Also, have to give a shout out to placing Scarlet in France, not only because of Perrault, but because of the earlier “The Grandmother’s Tale,” potentially related to a ferocious beast/bzou/werewolf in rural France.)



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