Rainbow Lights

Day 53: March 24 (written)

A gentle chill has crept into her hands. The sand in the hourglass has nearly been spent. Her mind, momentarily sharp, has dulled, a blade weathered by a century. Blinking, she peers into the light. A rainbow multitude, glinting like stars, wink and blur above her. She struggles to remember — a thought, a desire, a duty — but it’s like grasping smoke; it seeps through her fingers and she’s left wondering…filled with wonder at this dazzling sight, filled, somehow, with the memory of perfect joy, even if she cannot remember why.


Last month, inspired by the-cassandra-project and their Every Day Challenge, I wrote every day to raise money for the Urban Justice Center. You can still donate here or please spread the word. I assume, since I set it up, that it’s still available if you want to. Thank you.


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