The Lunar Chronicles

by Marissa Meyer

Right. So what I prominently got out of Winter was:

Spoilers below

First: I have strong feelings for the “Snow White” fairy tale. Something about the narrative contours of a kind princess and her connection to the underground and a sleeping death calls up a sentimentality of chthonic creatures and/or wealth. And by underground, I mean, dwarves especially associated with mining.

This chthonic theme is less prominent in The Lunar Chronicles, but it did remind me that I do have feelings for the fairy tale. It’s very appealing to me. (Actually, the narrative contours of “Sleeping Beauty” also appeal to me: roses, thorns, dead princes, 100 years of sleep, dreams, spinning, spinning wheels, witches, faeries…)


Second: I loved Winter as a character. I loved that she wasn’t condemned for her unusual mental state. Jacin says repetively that she isn’t crazy. But more than that, I liked that her Lunar Sickness helped the plot and get them allies. Especially with how it unfolded with the bio-wolf soldiers.

Additionally: Meyer writes tension very well.

(sorry if this one is more muddled than the others.)


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