The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

I liked it overall.

Plot Spoilers below

I would have liked more attention on Mary on the end; I felt like she got sidelined by Colin. Not that I wasn’t happy with his change and the reunion between him and his father.

As someone else pointed out, once Colin is brought to the secret garden there’s not a lot of conflict; it’s prominently about them reflecting and summarizing and Colin getting stronger.

I expected the mother (Susan) to have more to do.

But I liked the message: good thoughts or good/clear action can clear out bad thoughts, and bad thoughts can fester like poison.

Also, I kind of related a lot to Colin. But I really liked Mary, randomly. And I really loved Dickon, randomly, even if he could come across as being unnaturally good. (I didn’t care, since anyone who’s that good with animals (and plants) is brilliant in my opinion.)


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